2016 Jaybird Quilts Lotus Mini Quilt
Jaybird Quilts Lotus Mini Quilt

I am really pleased with how this mini quilt turned out! When it comes to choosing fabrics, I am spoilt for choice. I needed 8 x 2.5" strips of fabric across the width of the fabric (WOF), I decided to use Tula Pink's Moonshine range of fabrics for this quilt.

My go to advice is, when in doubt use fabrics from a particular range and look for high contrast fabrics i.e. something light / dark. I love my mini hex n more ruler - it is just so easy to use. This time I used it to make the Jaybird Mini Lotus quilt. I like to lay the blocks out as I make them on the floor so I can see the overall effect.

 Lotus Mini Quilt Block Placement
Once I had completed al the triangles, it was a simple matter of sewing them into strips and then sewing the strips together. Then a quick look through my personal stash for a fat quarter and wadding remnants to complete the mini. As I put the quilt together, I noticed 2 strong patterns emerging - triangles and hexagons. When quilting the mini, I decided to emphasis the triangles and making use of the width of my walking foot, exaggerated this.The triangles became diamonds. I often don't know what to do when quilting - so stick with something simple and geometric.
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