Denyse Schmidt Quilt Patterns

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
DSQ012 In this Corner PatternMaterials List
DSQ013 Big Charming PatternMaterials List
Denyse Schmidt Quilts: Calico Swing PatternMaterials List: Calico Swing
Denyse Schmidt Quilts: Mae's Bouquet PatternMaterials List: Mae's Bouquet Quilt Pattern
Denyse Schmidt Quilts: Free-Wheeling Single Girl QuiltMaterials List: Free-Wheeling Single Girl Quilt
Denyse Schmidt Quilts: Ship's Ladder PatternMaterials List
DSQ010 Here and There PatternMaterials List
DSQ009 Between the Lines PatternMaterials List
DSQ007 Point Me Pattern
Denyse Schmidt Quilts Denyse Schmidt Quilts: Point Me Pattern
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