My Dad's 75th birthday celebrations - week 2
One of my biggest regrets was that when my mom passed away - we struggled to find really good photos of the whole family (partially my fault as I was always overseas). The last family photo was at my brother Barry's wedding some years before.
Miller Family
So we organised a photographer to come along for the friends and family birthday lunch. 
This is a great shot of my dad, with my brother John to his left and his wife Nicki. My other brother Barry is on the right with his wife Kim. I am in the middle next to Gina, Jessica (on my lap), Kayla and Jade. I can't believe how they are all growing.
My lovely nieces!
My nieces
Being on holiday and having time, I also organised a separate photo shoot for myself. I needed some decent photos of myself for all those social media sites that we all belong as well as some photos of my finished quilts. I went round to all my nieces and 'borrowed' the quilts I had made for them.
You will see me start using these images everywhere - it really makes a difference having good quality professional photographs. Thanks Kelly of Kelly Lombard Photography for all you did for me and my dad! If you are looking for a photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa for that special event - look no further!
Fabric Garden Quilt
Some more pictures from the party, held at Dainfern Country Club. The staff really put on a great day!
I can almost imagine the conversation between granddad and Kayla and Jessica! The cake didn't last long.
Cake number 3
Every good party has to have a place where the kids can escape to to blow off some of that endless energy.
My dad and I went home and absolutely collapsed in bed - we had had these two innocents over the night before and they had great fun sleeping (not) in the same bed as Aunty Sue and waking up at 6.30am. We even managed to drag granddad around the golf course at some ungodly hour looking for ducks to feed bread to before the party!
Luckily I woke early Monday morning and for some reason asked my Dad for the tickets so that I could attempt an online check-in as we were due to fly to Vic Falls. My father had had a senior moment and said to me that we needed to be at the airport at midday when in fact it was the time we would land in Zimbabwe. A mad rush later, throwing everything into our bags - we made the flight. More on that adventure in my next post.
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