New Year 2013 with Dad

2012 was a particularly hard year from me - both my mother (73) and grandmother (99) passed away in South Africa. My father is just getting used to being on his own and I suggested that he come and visit me in Sydney, Australia for a month to get away and do something a little different.

New Year 2013 with Dad
We have been taking things slowly and getting out to see some of Sydney. My friends have all welcomed us into their homes over Xmas. Last night Dad and I decided to celebrate the start of the New Year with a bang.
New Year 2013 Harbour View
We booked onto a party boat to watch the fireworks from the water. Until then, I don't think Dad realised how big the fireworks display actually was. We ended up getting home really late after a wonderful evening. The weather sas fantastic.
New Year 2013 with Dad
Hopefully, 2013 can only be better for us.
I would like to wish all my customers a happy and prosperous New Year!
Both of us are taking it easy today before Dad and I go to visit Canberra this weekend and Adelaide next (he has not seen either city before).
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