Gina's Quilt - Big Blooms Pattern by Wendy Williams
Two weeks ago, I made a flying visit to South Africa - arrived Friday and departed on Thursday. I had a few things to do and also wanted to see how my Dad was doing (my mom passed away last year). He is coping remarkably well - but I think he enjoyed the company - someone to speak to in the evening. 
We also had Kayla, one of my nieces stay over a night. What a night, Kayla is 6 and has always hated blankets. She shared a bed with me and in the middle of the night did this scissor movement and the blankets flew off - as it is almost the middle of winter in South Africa - it was freezing! 
Kayla spent some time with grandpa in the morning whilst I went out. She was so excited that her first tooth was about to fall out and spent the evening wriggling it. Sure enough, grandpa made her bovril on toast and after one bite, that tooth fell out! That was the end of breakfast.
Jade Gina Jessie and Kayla
Later that afternoon the whole family met up at Dainfern Country Club for a belated birthday lunch for my father.
This is a picture of all the grandkids (Gina, Jade, Jessie and Kayla).
Gina's Quilt - Big Blooms Pattern by Wendy Williams
Over the last 8 months, I have been making a quilt for Gina - called Big Blooms. It is based on a pattern by Wendy Fisher of Flying Fish Designs using Kaffe Fassett fabrics.
Last November I gave Jade (her sister) her quilt and Gina got to look at the pattern and fabrics that I had chosen for her. Well, she knew that I had finally finished the quilt and suspected that I might have it with me this time.
Gina had been on a netball tour with her school and they had won the tournament. Her mom picked her up from school and brought her along to lunch.  She has desperately been waiting for her quilt and I was at last able to give it to her. A couple of days later she stayed home from school as she had a cold. When I went into look in on her, she was snuggled under her new quilt. 
We also have a tradition that I take some Aussie biscuits and sweets that you can't get in South Africa (Tim Tams - all the new varieties, Tiny Teddies, Wagon Wheels, Favourites, Cherry Ripes etc). The kids then get to split the treasure and then they get it as a treat in their lunch boxes for the next week (or less if my brother's get hold of their stash).
After lunch Grandpa took all the kids for a tour of the golf course (and the obligatory search for those elusive ducks who always seem to need feeding).
Jade's 13th Birthday
Whilst I was there it was Jade's 13th birthday and the whole family went out. We all went to the Karoo restaurant in Fourways and in true South African style - all had ribs / steaks with salad. A great time was had by all.
Louise (Jade's other aunt) made a heart shaped cake, iced it bright pink and put 13 candles on top. Jade was thrilled.
Me Kayla Wendy Kim
Kayla in her favourite new dress - my brother and his wife have just been to Barcelona and bought her a flamenco dancer's dress. She is hugging Wendy her nanna, I am in the middle and Kim her mom is on the right.
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