My mom passed away in Bryanston, South Africa on the 22nd November 2012 after a long fight against melanoma cancer and the effects of a stroke she suffered last year on 22nd August 2011.
Since the stroke, I have been back to South Africa 4 times to be with her. Mom was a fighter and kept going until I arrived this last time. We spent a week together where I was able to tell her how much I loved her and that it was OK to let go. My father would be looked after by all the family. She slipped away quietly at 8.30 am. My father and I were both with her and I think she knew and took comfort from it.
Mom, thank you for being a wonderful example to us all. You were always smiling and were the peace maker in our family. My love of sewing and cooking came from you. Thank you for writing out all the family recipes - I will make sure that they are passed on to your grandchildren - my nieces. All of us will remember you this year when we have some of the Xmas mince pies we made using your recipe.
Making mince pies with my nieces
Dad will be spending Xmas and New Year with me in Australia and will be well looked after. I will always have you in my heart.
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