Aurifil Thread Club Ne12 50m Bright

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Thread Club or Complete Set: Thread Club (12 months)
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Welcome to Fabric Garden's latest Aurifil Thread Club!

Collect 72 x 50m spools of deliciously bright 12 weight thread over the course of 12 months. Each month you will be sent 6 x 50m spools of Aurifil Cotton Mako 12 to add to your collection. 

 *** NEW Option *** Buy the collection outright and SAVE!

 Included in your first delivery, is a clear storage box for you to keep all your threads in.


Price:                         $60 per month (includes postage). 

                                   Note that you will receive your clear storage container in Month 1. 


Hand Appliqué

Use 12wt for hand appliqué, Buttonhole stitch for a primitive look and for Blanket Stitch appliqué.

Hand Embroidery

Used as a replacement for stranded & pearl embroidery threads for the stitchery blocks.

Hand quilting

Achieve beautiful results using the ‘Big Stitch’ or ‘Utility Stitch’ with a larger eyelet needle and for Sashiko type work

Cross Stitch

12wt is suitable for Backstitching or Cross-stitching in 1 strand, giving more definition to your work.


Use 12wt to add embroidery stitches as embellishment on a quilt surface.


Great for use on Bobbin Lace Gimp

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