BeBe Bold Pattern: Sashiko Kinchaku Drawstring Bag

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Use this pattern by BeBe Bold to make this handy Sashiko Kinchaku drawstring bag. Tips on how to make a boro version are included. 8 metal koki clips are used which make the bag strong.



  • 20cm Navy blue fabric for sashiko
  • 20cm fabric for lining: Yarn Dyed fabrics make a great lining
  • 20cm whisperweft (lightweight iron on interfacing)
  • 40 x 2in squares. (You can cut up 4 in squares into four from a Sakizomemomen Pack)
  • 6in x 2in piece of fabric for flowers at ends of cord 

Other supplies:

  • White SashikoThread
  • Chako Carbon Paper
  • 8 x Metal Koki (AK-10-5AG)
  • Small amount of toy fill for flowers on ends of cord
  • 1.5m x 3mm  Waxed Cotton Cording

Other requirements for a Boro Bag:

  • 4 x (8¾in x 7½in) and 1 x (7½in x 7½in) base fabric (muslin), 
  • 1-2 Boro Packs or precious pieces from your own collection
  • Sashiko Thread by Olympus Thread
  • Sashiko Needles by Olympus or Tulip 
  • Leather sashiko thimble
  • Hera marker

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