Ginas Quilt - Big Blooms pattern by Wendy Williams
Complete at last. This morning I sewed down the last of the binding and the hanging sleeve. I think Gina will be very pleased with the end result.
This quilt is based on a pattern by Wendy Fisher of Flying Fish Kits. The pattern is called Big Blooms.
I have 4 nieces in South Africa and have been making them each a quilt. Last year I finished one for Gina's elder sister, Jade and this year it is Gina's turn. I know that she can't wait for me to send her the final product.
Quilting on my Bernina
I have loved making this quilt and really pushed my old Bernina. She is 25 years old and has been taken everywhere with me. When I lived in Mali, in West Africa - I took her on the plane as hand luggage. I then took her back to South Africa and 9 years ago, to Australia. She is a real work horse. 
I was at a quilting retreat recently and about to start quilting when I picked up an old book. The book suggested picking fabric with strong patterns as the backing fabric for your quilt and then quilting from the reverse side using these patterns as your outline. Well, I decided that I could adapt this concept and using the spots on the front of my quilt, quilt diagonally through the centre of the spots. Too easy and it looks really effective.
This is the first quilt that I have used virtually every scrap of fabric and don't have much at all to add to my fabric stash. I was really quite pleased as my stash is getting out of control.
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