2013 Gina's Quilt - All over quilting complete
Since my mom passed away in November last year, I have put Gina's quilt away as I was working on it when I was with my mom in South Africa. About 2 weeks ago I picked it up again.
Gina's Quilt Placement
As usual I had a whole stack of unpicking to do (I always race into a quilt and then work out that the instructions say something completely different or in this case I have bunched up the fabric on the back of the quilt). I had volunteered to spend a day at The Stitches and Craft Show in Rosehill for the NSW Quilter's Guild and was excited to have a full day to work on this quilt. 
Close up of diagonal quilting
I also read a book recently that said that if you have a strong geometric pattern, you could use this as the basis of your quilting. I decided to quilt diagonally through the spots on the front of the quilt. What a marvel! I didn't need to mark - I just sewed! The only issue was tying off all the ends!
Big Blooms quilt - quilting complete
Now I need to refer to my original photo for the placement of all the blooms and then to work out how to sew them to the quilt top. I think this is definitely an Easter weekend project. Perhaps I can even get it finished then!
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