Lunch at Burrawang
I love quilting retreats! We had such a fabulous time last year that when Sue R offered her house in Burrawang again as a venue for a quilting retreat - we jumped at the chance. We drove down from Sydney on Friday. 
We stopped off in Bowral for lunch and then had a quick look around around Berkelouw Books to see what quilting books they had. Somehow I was the only one that walked out of the shop with the latest Kathy Reichs book. At least I had something to read that night. Next Sue R took us to Wool Addiction. Since our favourite shop, Timeless Treasures in Bowral closed down, Wool Addiction has started carrying a line of patchwork fabrics and also runs classes to fill the gap. The fabrics are lovely and modern. The shop is large and airy and well laid out. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.
Then it was onwards to Burrawang as we were all getting itchy sewing fingers. I had taken a sample that I need to complete (as I am putting it in our show next month) and I also had to cut up some friendship blocks as I needed to hand them out at our September meeting.
Friday we all settled in and started in on our sewing. My sample quilt seemed to be going swimmingly - I decided to use Julie's Bernina as their simply wasn't room for 3 sewing machines on the table. I managed to assemble the quilt top and felt a sense of achievement before going to bed.
Rainbow Lollipops Sandwiching
Saturday, I started ironing my quilt only to find that Julie had loaded some polyester cotton in her bobbin - so the sewing melted and the seams fell apart. What a disaster. I then spent the morning unpicking (pulling the seams lightly and the quilt fell apart). A lesson well learnt I think.
At this point we decided to go out for coffee and then onwards to Berrima Patchwork to have a break and support a local shop (also to relieve some frustration). Berrima Patchwork has an amazing range of fabric and I gave in and bought a couple of things.
I managed to reassemble the quilt in the afternoon and then helped Sue R unpick a woolen aran jersey her mum had made for her husband. The jersey had hardly been worn - but was very out of shape. She wanted to use the wool to knit up a blanket. Can't wait to see the finished result.
Julie and the fab Bread and Butter Pudding
In between all the quilting, we managed to finish off some of the gorgeous lemonade scones Bec made and Julie made her Dad's bread and button pudding for dessert later that evening. Sunday we finished off the bread and butter pud for morning tea! It was delicious.
My friendship block this month is going to be Jaybird Quilts Snacktime. I decided to use a V&Co Jelly Roll called Simply Style. I had barely cut out the first block using the Hex N More Ruler before Julie pounced and taking the instructions, tested out my first block. I had only only meant to cut out the absolute minimum for my group - but ended up cutting out another seven blocks which Julie and Bec finished for me. Of course I then had to try one out as well! At least my friendship quilt is well and truly started (now I need to pull out the old one from the UFO pile and finish that)
Oldest UFO Barnyard Quilt
At the beginning of the year our group committed to finishing our longest outstanding UFO. Sue R did a beginners course with a patchwork shop many years ago and this was the 'sampler' she was started on. It doesn't even have a pattern. She is only now managing to work it out and is designing her own pattern. This weekend she finished off the row of chickens. The buttonhole stitch is tiny and done with one strand.
A quick drive back to Sydney completed an amazing weekend with friends. I sometimes don't know what I would do without the sanity quilting brings to my life.
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