2017 Quilt Finish - Empire Place by Sassafras Lane Designs
Empire Place Quilt

I selected Empire Place by Sassafras Lane Designs for my 2016 Block of the Month and I have been quilting along with everyone in my group for the last year. I finally finished the quilt top in May 2017 and sent off to my favourite quilter - Birgit Hoffman of Blacksheep Quilting. Birgit and I both agreed that a simple quilt pattern would do this quilt justice and not overpower the quilt. The quilt is really dramatic and the quilting is understated.

Ndebele Floor Mat

So, I grew up in South Africa and was very surprised when everyone commented on how African the quilt looked. I can see a resemblance to the colours the Ndebele tribe woman use when they paint their huts in Mpumalanga. I must admit that I had not seen the resemblance myself. This is an old floor mat I have in my apartment - the design is based on Ndebele tribal art.
Kristy and Shayla got their inspiration from the Art Deco buildings in America.
The blocks each have a name e.g. Hoover or Chrysler and it is interesting to realise that inspiration can come in many forms.
This was a very complex quilt. There are 54 blocks in total - all foundation
pieced! If you are thinking of doing this quilt be prepared. Treat each block as a separate project and I found having a glass of wine at the end meant a lot less unpicking!
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