Fabric Garden in Neutral Bay, Sydney offers a Click and Collect service.
At the end of June, Sydney went into a 'soft' lockdown which has gradually gotten more stringent. 2 months later and the shop can no longer open to the public and the public can generally not travel more than 5km from their home. 
Since we went into a 'hard' lockdown I have been operating click and collect for local customers. 
There are 2 options: 
  1. Place and pay for your order online - select Pickup as the shipping option. I will email you to let you know that it is ready to collect. 
  2. Phone me and place the order with me directly. I will have it ready and you can 'tap' (pay) and go. 
If you have any issues at all - please phone me on 0417 068 855. 
If I do need to ship an order - I will contact you to organise payment for shipping!
Free shipping applies automatically to orders over $150 for delivery anywhere in Australia.
Fortunately, I live down the road - less than one km from the shop. This was a deliberate decision when I was looking for premises as I was aware that COVID was here to stay as were lockdowns. I am still going into the shop most days to make up internet and click and collect orders as well as to receive deliveries. 
I have picked up a part-time job in IT - which I am able to do from the shop and means that I am reasonably financially secure. With the new WFH (work from home) movement, you will see me on my computer in endless Microsoft Teams (think Zoom) meetings. If you are picking up an order - I can run to the door and give it to you! 
Once again - I cannot thank you enough for all your support in these difficult times!
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