One on One Sewing Session with Erin

Date and Time: 6th July 9am - 12pm
Sale price$150.00 AUD


One on One Sewing Sessions

Tutor: Erin Avery

Skill Level: Beginner

Age Level: 16 years +

Book a 3 hour session with Erin where she will help you with your current sewing project or design a project for you. Whether you already know how to sew and just need a refresher or are an absolute novice - this is the course for you.

Options include:

  1. Know your sewing machine
  2. Bring your own project
  3. Hems and seam finishes
  4. Curved seams, darts and shaping
  5. Neckline finishes
  6. Buttons and buttonholes
  7. Skirt and pant waistline finishes
  8. Fly fronts - pattern making and sewing
  9. Zippers
  10. Sleeve designs and applications
  11. Pockets
  12. Rotary cutting

You will need to bring your sewing machine, basic sewing supplies (e.g thread, scissors, stitch unpick etc) along with you. 

Calico (fabric) is available for you to use for your practice samples. 

A cutting mat, cutting ruler, rotary cutter, iron and ironing board are available to use in the shop.

We will contact you to confirm what it is that you need help with and let you know what else you need to bring with you to the session.

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