2021 A free guide to quilting and the internet

Block Databases

If you need inspiration or help with a particular block, there are many websites that provide block databases. They usually give you the size of the finished block eg. 9” or 12” and often provide images of the block when made into a quilt with different layout options.

Search ‘Quilting blocks’ on Google.

Here are some good ones to get started with…….




A blog is simply an online journal created by an individual or small group where they share information. It is usually posted in chronological order.  Blogs provide a wonderful platform for creative souls such as quilters to share their wisdom with the world!

Blogs are a great source of inpsiration & free information. Quilting blogs are usually very colourful with many pictures. They are also a wonderful place for up & coming designers to broadcast their work and you many have products and patterns for sale.

Once you find a great blog you will also find links to other blogs and website too, often in a similar style. If you like a blog, be sure to look at the links on their site.

Here are some of our favourite quilting blogs (in no order)........









Tutorials are the internet word for a ‘how to’ guide. It is a step by step lesson, usually including pictures that help you to complete a particular activity in the quilting process.

If you want to learn how to do something or have simply forgotten, use a search engine such as Google and type in the name of the skill plus the word ‘tutorial’

Example 1

Seach for ‘How to bind a quilt tutorial’

Here are some great results…….


Example 2

Search for Half Square triangle tutorial…….

Here are some great results…….


Example 3

Many blogs have whole sections of tutorials. Here is a whole page of wonderful tutorials…….



YouTube is a website where anyone can upload videos. There are thousands of wonderful quilting videos. Simply go to www.youtube.com and type into the search engine. You will be amazed at what you can learn.

Our Favourite is  the Jelly Roll Race -  A Quilt in Less Than an Hour! 

Quilting groups and swaps

There are many ways you can connect with other quilters. It is made easy with the internet. Remember how you used to have ‘pen pals’ from other countries. Now the internet is your primary resource for connecting with quilters from all over the world!


Would you like to become part of a quilting community? Check out the above blog. Membership is FREE and you are partnered each month and make each other a 12 inch quilt block based on our preferences which this site swaps. The emphasis of the group is on friendship and sharing.

Stashbusters Group

The purpose of this group is to support those quilters who wish to cut down on spending for one year, and reduce their stashes. Communication is encouraged about projects finished, scrap quilt patterns, stash used up, and the avoidance of spending.  This is a Yahoo group that you must join. See the website for details.

Commerical websites

Moda Bakeshop

Moda has a website filled with free patterns for their precuts such as jelly rolls and charm packs. It is a fantastic resource!

Craft and Quilt Fair Australia

The company that gives us the Craft & Quilt Fair and Australian Quilt Convention have provided this website filled with ideas, inpirtation, a noticeboard and event information.

Australian Magazines

A website from the publishers of Homespun and Quilters Companion magazines, this website has articles, product information, patterns and much more.

Make Modern

Make Modern is Australia's only dedicated modern quilt magazine. It began in 2014 when a group of passionate quilters had a dream of producing a magazine for quilters, by quilters, filled with beautiful patterns and articles to inspire quilters like us to make more modern quilts!

We hope this helps to get you started on the internet!

Of course, don’t forget your favourite shopping site!

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