2020 Psychedelia Block of the Month - Step it Up
So COVID-19 work from home continues.I actually managed to finish this block a while back but am only just getting to write about it. Most of the cutting and sewing was done whilst hosting Zoom meetings with the Barn Quilters, Fabric Garden Sewing Circle and The Sydney Modern Quilters. I am the tech person - so responsible for setting these up and moderating the meetings. Has your group gone virtual in this pandemic?
Psychedelia Month 3 Step It Up
I am a member of the private facebook group for the BOM. Jen Kingwell has done a number of videos and is sharing them there. Fortunately, I managed to catch a post about a pattern correction prior to starting the cutting (although I did still manage to have a couple of little missteps in that area - note to self don't drink wine and cut out fabric). I will post the pattern correction below this article - if you are doing this BOM with another quilt shop - ask them to send you the link to the facebook group.
Sewing the individual pieces together was easy. 
Psychedelia Month 3 Step It Up
It took my brain a while to work out how to sew the circles to each other. Fortunately, I have done a lot of dress making over the years, so applied the process to ease a sleeve into a dress. It involves a lot of pins. 
Psychedelia Month 3 Step It Up
Basically working out where half way was and pinning (right sides together), then where a quarter was and pining and slowly putting a pin half way between each pin until repeatedly until it fit. The key is not to stretch it, but to ease it in. With that many pins, I hand sewed them together with a running stitch. Every 3 or 4 stitches, I would do a backstitch to make sure that the seam was strong enough. Once I had worked this out, it came together much faster.
Psychedelia Month 3 Step It Up
I like to use Clover applique pins as they are smaller. The trickiest part was putting the final circle in the centre. There is a mylar template provided by Jen Kingwell, you basically cut your fabric a 1/4" larger than the template and then can iron the seam over the template (the template won't melt). The next step is to applique it onto the front of your block.
Pattern corrections for Month 3
Remember always to check for pattern corrections on the pattern designer's website BEFORE starting to cut your fabric.

In the photo you will notice the coloured wedges are just a smidge wider than the striped wedges. If you wish to get this exact look please change the following cutting instructions
- Cut 24 Template B and E from light/striped fabric
- Cut 24 Template C and D from coloured fabrics

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